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Aplicor CRM & ERP System Review

I had the chance to perform a detailed review the Aplicor CRM software product and discovered that this software-as-a-service (SaaS) system is a unique solution in at least five key areas. First, I found its ease-of-use unmatched when compared to other hosted and subscription-based CRM and ERP software products. The one-click-to-anywhere navigation and simultaneous multiple accounting viewing make the system quick to learn, easy to use and very efficient. The ability to change views from Schedule to Task List to Opportunity Review to whatever AND see a sub-table of every related transaction is really helpful for increasing personal productivity.

Second, I really like the way Aplicor uses a single page view to show every customer interaction (whether from sales, marketing or customer support) that has ever occurred and thereby achieve a 360 degree view of each client relationship. Third, the CRM product provides advanced functionality in terms of business process automation (workflow) and business intelligence (BI) analysis and reporting. The drag and drop visual reporting tools are flexible, very powerful and the stepping stones to elevate staff from data servants to knowledge workers.

Fourth, the ability for a non-technical person to customize the screens, forms and fields with a visual toolkit was really impressive. I was able to modify the system to my business and sales processes very quickly and without any programming, syntax scripting, endless wizards or techno mumbo jumbo.

Lastly, Aplicor's hosted software is more than just CRM as it also includes a complete back office ERP system that I found to be feature rich and flexible. Providing a built-in accounting software and back office system achieves a single enterprise-wide business system and lowers the cost of software acquisition and integration (not to mention the headaches and finger pointing when dealing with two different software manufacturers). What I really discovered very early in my review is that this CRM system is far more than simple contact management and is clearly capable of supporting more strategic CRM strategies and initiatives. I look forward to my next Aplicor software implementation.

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Aplicor System Review Posted: Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
Under: Software Reviews, Aplicor

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