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Salesforce.com Group Edition Review

I got a call to provide some consulting services to a small CRM implementation that had stalled and was looking for some help to restart it. While the engagement was only one week, it gave me a great opportunity to review the Salesforce.com Group Edition. You may also want to visit CRMsearch.com to read more thorough but still independent Salesforce.com reviews.

The best thing about Group Edition is that it includes almost all the sales force automation (SFA) functionality of the Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition for a small fraction of the price. While limited to a maximum of five users, Group Edition includes the full account management, contact management, activity management and sale opportunity management. Group Edition provides a simple and easy way for very small sales teams to get a hosted SFA solution quickly.

The biggest downside is the missing items to achieve a broader CRM system, such as marketing campaigns, e-mail distributions, workflow, case management knowledgebase and analysis reporting. Other functionality such as dashboards and mobile access would have been helpful, but are understandably absent for such a low price point. The other potential downside appears if the customer elects to upgrade from Team Edition to one of the higher versions as the price differential is exponential.

Overall, the product performs as advertised, is a solid solution and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for small business environments.

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Salesforce.com Team Edition Posted: Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
Under: Software Review

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